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Violin and Viola Studio


Studio goal: to provide a positive musical experience through learning the foundations of music theory and performance practice while being grounded in proper and healthy physical technique and centering on the enrichment of the mind.


Students learn to play their instrument through exercises, etudes, repertoire, listening assignments, and theory lessons. Focus is spent on classical repertoire especially, but also on other musical styles and the interests of the student. Private lessons are to help students achieve their personal goals, whether they are of amateur or professional aspiration. Music can enrich our lives in any capacity.

Lessons are offered to students of any age and any skill level. From elementary school children to grandparents, lessons can start the first day you get your instrument and continue through preparing for music school or any other goal.


Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour. It is recommended for younger and beginner students to start at 30mins. Older students often need a little bit more time which a 45 min lesson accomodates nicely. 1 hour lessons are usually reserved for students preparing to enter college or for any students working on audition repertoire.

Cost of Lessons


30 min - $23/lesson

45 min - $28/lesson

1 hour - $35/lesson


At the first lesson of each month, families must pay for all the lessons scheduled for that month in advance. This encourages planning ahead and discourages last minute cancellations and no-shows.

Families with more than one member taking lessons back to back are charged the hourly rate rather than two individual 30 min slots.

Special pricing


RMF offers scholarships for private lessons. Students who applied, auditioned, and received this scholarship are charged the following discounted pricing. Also, any lessons that take place on an online platform such as zoom.

Special pricing for virtual lessons and scholarship students:

30 min - $20/lesson

45 min - $25/lesson

1 hour - $30/lesson

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