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Studio Policies


  • Students must come to their lessons on time and prepared with all the necessary equipment/material which is to be provided by the student or guardian. This includes:

    Instrument – you may rent or purchase an instrument. I can advise you on this process.

    Music – generally students have a technique/etude book and a method book but we may supplement with other material as needed or as requested by the student. It must be purchased by the student or guardian. If requested, I can make the purchase if reimbursed immediately. Free domain music can be found online for download, also.

    Lesson book – to help students remember what was worked on in a lesson and what to prepare for the next lesson, I require a notebook to be kept for the purpose of note keeping. I can write in this book or the student may choose to do so.

    Metronome/tuner – a combined metronome/tuner may be purchased or two individual devices. Alternatively, adequate applications are available for download on a smartphone. It is impossible to practice properly without the means to tune your instrument and I often advise students to practice certain music with a metronome.

  • Payment/Cancellation - Lessons for an entire month are to be paid at the first lesson of the month. Cancelled lessons must be rescheduled. Refunds/credit for cancelled lessons will be given only if it is not possible to make up the lesson. Missed lessons/lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson time will not be refunded.

  • Practicing – Practicing is essential for progress. However, I do not “require” that a student practices for a certain amount of time or even at all. Lessons can be expensive, so if a student is not practicing, the reasons for taking private lessons should be reexamined by the student, me, and the guardian. But for younger students, busy students, or for students who have many other priorities in addition to their musical studies, just making the commitment to come to a weekly lesson can alone be enough of a positive experience, with or without a regular practice routine, to justify continuation. Particularly motivated students who do practice on a regular basis or who want to challenge themselves to do so may consider keeping a practice log in addition to their lesson book.

  • Ask questions – private lessons are unique because you can take a much more active role in your education than in a school/group setting.

  • Be respectful – to me, to your instrument, and to yourself.

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